These now have totalled over 200 and this is a sample from training to 2015

th International Conference on Mechanics in Medicine and Biology: Bologna, July 1st-5th 1986. Finite Element Modelling of the Tympanic Membrane. T.H.J. Lesser and K.R. Williams.

European Congress on Biomaterials: Bologna, Sept, 1986. Stress Displacement Patterns at the Bone-Ossicular Replacement Interface in the Reconstructed Middle Ear. T.H.J. Lesser, K.R. Williams and A.W. Blayney.

Bristol Postgraduate Meeting: April 1986. Laryngographic Changes Following Endotracheal Intubation. T.H.J Lesser and R.G. Williams.

Hunterian Meeting of the Royal College of Surgeons/Welsh Surgical Society. October 1986. Posters; 1) the Laryngograph. 2) On Post Operative Hoarseness. T.H.J Lesser and R.G. Williams.

Otorhinolaryngological Research Society: April 1987. 1) Tympanosclerosis Grommets and Shear Stresses. T.H.J Lesser, D.W. Skinner and K.R Williams. 2) Voice Changes Following Thyroidectomy. R.G. Williams, T.H.J Lesser and M Foster.

International Symposium of Paediatric Otology: Nimengen, May 1987. Poster; Fifteen Year Follow Up of a Controlled Trial of the Use of Grommets in Glue Ear. D.W. Skinner, T.H.J. Lesser and S.H Richards.

Guest Speaker; Dutch E.N.T. Society: Amsterdam, May 1987. Laryngographic Investigations into Post Operative Hoarseness. T.H.J. Lesser.

Seventh British Academic Conference in Otolaryngology: Glasgow, July 1987. Posters; 1) Experiments in Mathematical Modelling of the Stresses and Displacements of the Human Middle Ear. T.H.J Lesser and K.R. Williams. 2) Fifteen year Follow Up of a Controlled Trial of the Use of Grommets in Glue Ear. D.W. Skinner, T.H.J Lesser and S.H Richards.

Presentations to the Department of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery. Washington University St Louis, U.S.A.

Presentations to the Department of Otolaryngology University Hospital, Zurich, Switzerland.

British Skull Base Society Meeting. Royal Marsden Hospital October 1992.
Strangulated Cerebellar Hernia; an unusual complication of extended lateral skull base surgery and its successful treatment. Lesser T.H.J, Foy, P.M and Chatterjee S.
Intracranial Otogenic and Sinogenic Abcesses Lesser THJ, DeWilde P, Foy PM.

National Head and Neck Oncology Conference, Treatment and Rehabilitation.
Liverpool 7
th and 8th May Chairman for first day and Base of Skull Microsurgery 8th May 1993
Founding Conference for Headliners;The head and Neck Cancer Association (Mr IT Jackson Mitchigan USA)

Walking Sticks in Dizzy Patients and Normal Patients tested on the Sway Way. V Nandapalan, T.H.J Lesser. Imbalance Interest Group Cambridge. 1993.

Vestibular Rehabilitation. T.H.J Lesser, Invited Key Note Speaker BAAT National Conference. Edge Hill College 1994.

British Skull Base Society Meeting. Edinburgh October 1995 Lateral Skull Base approaches for treatment of intracranial tumours. Lesser T.H.J and Foy P.M

Guide lines for surgery. Grommets, Adenoidectomy, Tonsillectomy, Karkanevatos A. T.H.J Lesser, National Meeting Liverpool 1995.

The Sway –Weigh Balance Platform. An effective way of assessing lateral body sway in dizzy patients, V Nandapalan, A.S Jones, T.H.J Lesser. The Otorhinolaryngological Research Society. April 1995.

Mucosal-Strip/Uvulectomy by the CO2 Laser as a method of treating simple snoring. P Morar, V Nandapalan, A.C Swift, T.H.J Lesser. The Otorhinolaryngological Research Society. April 1995.

Setting up a Day case surgery unit, Midlands Nursing Association of Otology. T.H.J Lesser. Shrewsbury, April 1995

Sway-Weigh Platform: A simple and effective objective method to assess the efficiency of treatment in dizzy patients. V. Nandapalan, T.H.J Lesser, A Wing. World congress on Vestibular Rehabilitation, Miami. July 1996.

Midlands Institute of Otology Annual General Meeting April 1996. Lateral skull base approaches for intracranial lesions.

CME in ENT presentation on Vestibular Rehabilitation. Royal College of Physicians. 1997.

Chairman of free paper session at the European society of skull base surgery London 1997.

Manchester Postgraduate Series. Intra-operative facial nerve monitoring. 1998.

William Harvey Lecturer. William Harvey Hospital Kent, Vestibular Rehabilitation 1998.

Cyanoacrylate adhesives for skin closure in endaural/postaural wounds. O.Ochefu, V Nandapalan, T.H.J Lesser. 7
th International Congress of Paediatric Otorhinolaryngology. Helsinki, Finland June 1998.

Diseases of the Salivary Glands; Mr Tristram Lesser “Update on ENT” Meeting for GPs Southport 20
th June 1998

Presentation To The ENT Symposium; Inner Ear Medicine and Surgery Hoar Cross Hotel Staffordshire. May 9th 1999.

T.H.J Lesser. “Laryngographography”. An analysis of the use of this technique in the management of common organic laryngeal disorders. 15 minutes. Shown at a variety of venues.

V. Nandapalan, T.H.J Lesser. A randomised trial of Vestibular rehabilitation exercises instituted pre and post operatively in patients having excision of acoustic neuroma. Presented at The Third International conference on acoustic neuroma and other CPA tumours. Rome 1999.

Faculty member of the XXII annual meeting of the Politzer Society, Zurich 1999. Chairman of free paper sessions; cholesteatoma. `How I do it: Open cavity technique’ Session with presentation and panel discussion with Bruce J Gantz, Klause Jahnke, Tristram H.J. Lesser. Chair Stephen Schmid.

V.J. Pothula, V, Nandapalan, T.H.J Lesser, C, Malluchi, P May, P Foy. Acoustic Neuroma in Children. Otology 2000 at the XXII annual Meeting of the Politzer Society Zurich 1999.

Sway weigh platform: a simple technique to objectively assess body sway. V Nandapalan, V.J. Pothula, T.H.J. Lesser. Otology 2000. The XXII annual meeting of the Politzer Society. Zurich 1999.
Otology 2000 session Chair Acoustic neuroma Zurich 15
th-19th August.1999

Acoustic Neuroma Surgery – What if it was you? T.H.J Lesser Regional ENT Update. The Royal Society of Medicine December 2000.

Osteoplastic Mastoidectomy T.H.J Lesser, Regional CME Update, York July 2000.

Osteoplastic Mastoidectomy THJ Lesser Regional ENT Update Majestic Hotel Harrogate May 20
th 2000

Inner Ear Medicine and Surgery. T.H.J Lesser. Chester Post Graduate Centre. November 2000.

Acute Vertigo, T.H.J Lesser, The Head without the Brain. Section of Accident and Emergency Medicine, Royal Society of Medicine. 29
th September 2000.

Conservative Management of Acoustic Neuromas. T.H.J Lesser, Sutcliff-Kerr, Lecture, Walton Centre for Neurosciences. December 2000.

Posterior Skull Base Surgery; Northern Region SpR Training day in Maxillofacial Surgery 24
th March 2000 Liverpool

Inner Ear Medicine and Surgery; The Audiology Centre, Norfolk and Norwich Institute for Medical Education 3
rd May 2000

CME Update in ENT conference Inner ear Gentamicin London 2001.

Practical Application of New Techniques in Otology; Current Opinion on the Management of Otitis Externa 2001. Glan Clywd Hospital
Day-case myringoplasty: five years' experience.
Karkanevatos A, De S, Srinivasan VR, Roland NJ, Lesser TH
Presented at North of England ORL Society Spring meeting March 2001
Presented at Joint Meeting of the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery and the Panhellenic Society of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery June 20-23 2001 Athens Greece

Practical Application of New Techniques in Otology; Applications of Osteoplastic Mastoid surgery October 13-16
th 2002. Glan Clywd Hospital

Finite Element Modelling of the Middle Ear, North of England ENT Society 2002

Tinnitus Support Group on the causes of Head and Neck Cancer in 2002.

National Meeting of the British Sjorgen’s society on Nasal Airway and Dry Mouth Conditions 2002.

Sefton Non Principal GP Meeting on Dizziness and Tinnitus 2002.

Contemporary management of Acoustic Neuromas, Ear,Nose and Throat 2002, Institute of Physics London. 17
th18th October 2002.

th Annual ENT-CME Update day,Institute of Physics Portland Place London 31st October 2002

Skull Base Surgery and the Regional Maxillofacial Unit Post Graduate Course 2002

The New Cure for Meniere’s Disease: Inner ear Gentamicin. CME 2002

Southport Postgraduate Centre. Snoring 2002

The Joe V Desa Oration “Inner Ear Medicine and Surgery”, XXV Annual Conference Neuro-otological and Equalibriometrtric Society of India
New Delhi September 5-7 September 2003
Current Management of Acoustic Neuromas and Vestibular Rehabilitation for prevention of falls in the elderly. XXV Annual Conference NESI New Delhi 5-7 September 2003

Where do we find the Gold Standard for the first cycle of audit or do we just make it up?
THJ Lesser Annual ENT National Comparative Audit Meeting at the Royal College of Surgeons England 23
rd September 2003

Skull Base Problems Mr Tristram Lesser Chair Joint meeting ENT.UK RSM and Action on ENT Summer meeting Crown Plaza Hotel Liverpool 6
th-8th July 2004

ENT surgeons role in the management of Acoustic Tumours
Surgery of the lateral skull base for cancers
CSOM Update
4th SAARC ENT Congress Colombo Sri Lanka 31
st August -4th September 2004

Acoustic Neuromas Diagnosis, follow-up and treatment options.
Controversies in the treatment of Acoustic Neuromas
Differential Diagnosis of Retrocochlear Lesions
th European Congress of ORL H&N Surgery Rodos Greece, September 11th to 16th 2004

Vomit,Midlands Institute of Otology Meeting Charles Hastings Education Centre Worcestershire Royal Hospital 27
th May 2005

Meniere’s Disease Panel, British Otology Group, EAR.UK Disorders of Balance Programme Royal College of Surgeons London Friday 23
rd September 2005

Society of Otolaryngologist and Head Neck Surgeons of Bangladesh
nd International ENT conference Dhaka Banglagesh November 18-21 2005
Talks on Temporal Bone Anatomy, Mastoid Surgery, Skull Base Cancer


Transtympanic Medical Treatment of Ear Disease; Steroid Therapy. Tristram Lesser. Section of Otology Royal Society of Medicine Friday 3
rd February 2006

The Challenge of Acoustic Tumours; Chair; 12
th British Academic Conference in Otolaryngology, Birmingham 5-7th July 2006

th Annual CME ENT Update; Acoustic Neuroma. Institute of Physics London 1st November

Content of training and numbers T Lesser Webb Johnson Hall RCS England 3
rd May 2007

Finding the Gold Standard With reference to an epistaxis audit Annual ENT National Comparative Audit Meeting at the Royal College of Surgeons England September 2007

Malleus Osteotomy for Access to the anterior epitympanum T Lesser. 10
th Practical Otology Course Glan Clwyd Hospital 8th-10th October 2007
th Annual Conference Skull Base Surgery Society of india
th to 28 th October 2007
Natural History of Acoustic Neuroma
Temporal Bone Anatomy and Surgical Approaches
Cadaver dissection of the Skull Base


CT scans of the Temporal Bone and Hoe the ENT surgeon can interpret them. Tristram Lesser
Subtotal Petrousectomy for CSF leaks. Tristram Lesser
Vertigo Panel discussion
6th SAARC Otolaryngology-Head and Neck conference. Dhaka Bangladesh Febuary 15
th to 18th 2008

Septotomy-New approach for endoscopic removal of unilateral sinonasal tumour T.Lesser M Basavaraj, J. Batt British Rhinological Society 7
th Annual Meeting LMI 23rd May 2008

Balance service and provision. Tristram Lesser. New Innovations in Balance Symposium Yorkshire Museum York 2
nd September 2008

How should we do audiovestibular assesement? Expert Opinion in Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Institiue of Physics London January 22
nd and 23rd 2009

Facial Plastic Surgery Hong Kong Hospital Authority. May 8
th-10th 2009

Otology Fundamentals; Essentials of Mastoid surgery T Lesser 13
th BACO 10th July Liverpool

Session Chair 13
th BACO Dizzyness 9th July 2009 Liverpool

Trainees Short Paper session Chair and Chair of “Clinical Indications for common ENT investigations”. ENT.UK Annual Conference. Royal Society of Medicine London September 11
th 2009

Managing Vertigo Tristram Lesser an Nova Mullin Winter MIO Meeting Shropshire Education oand Conference Centre 15
th January 2010

Ear Surgery in Nepal MrTristram Lesser Extreeme Medicine Conference, Lancaster University Management School 21st May

Recutement to SpR and Consultant levels Association of Otolaryngologists in Training Conference
Trafalgar Studios London 30thJuly 2010

Live Surgery demonstrations Stapes Surgery and Mastoid surgery; lectures on Craniofacial Resection Lateral temporal bone resection.
nd International ENT Workshop Kolcutta India 1st to 3rd October 2010

English National Selection in 2011 and CCT Check List AOT conference 2011

Tag der Praxis; Kann uns das englishche Weiterbildungs. 82
nd Jahresversammlung. Freiburg 2-5th June 2011 (Talk on training at German National Meeting)

Introduction to Snore monitor T Lesser and Chair “This house belives that surgery is the key to treating snoreing” Debate
Inaugural ENT.UK/BAOMS Joint Meeting Royal College of Surgeons 8
th September 2011

Medium Term Outcome of LINAC-Based Stereo- tactic Radiosurgery for Vestibular Schwannomas with Marginal Dose of 12.5 GyJ. R. Ellenbogen (presenter), A. Kinshuck, M. D. Jenkinson, T. Lesser, D. Husband, M. Javadpour 6th International Congress WFSBS/10th ESBS Congress Brighton 16-19 may 2012

Conservative Management of 15-mm and Larger Vestibular Schwannomas C. E. E. Reddy (presenter), H. G. Lewis-Jones, M. Javadpour, I. Ryland, T .J. H. Lesser 6th International Congress WFSBS/10th ESBS Congress Brighton 16-19 may 2012

Quality Indicators in ENT Training Mr Tristram Lesser AOT annual conference, Oulton Hall Hotel, Leeds, Yorkshire 28th September 2012

Surgical Management of Traumatic Facial Paralysis; Tristram Lesser
th national ENT Expert Opinion in Otolaryngology Head and Neck surgery America Square Conference Centre London 14th15th Febuary 2013

Squamous cell carcinoma of the temporal Bone Outcomes of radical surgery and post operative radiotherapy. LeongSC, Youssef A, LesserTH The British Skull Base Society Meeting31st JanNottingham 2013

Dubai Otology 2014 16
th to 18th October
2nd Dubai Otology,Neurotology and Skull Base Surgery Conference and Skull Base workshop.

Session chair Otology Panel The North of England Otolaryngology Society Blackburn 24
th October 2014

Paediatric Otology Problems;
Central Skull Base Osteomyelitis;
Management of Facial Nerve Paralysis;
Management of CPA tumours at Aintree Hospital;
Tristram Lesser The 32
nd Alexandria combined ORL congress. 8-10 April 2015

Journal of Laryngology and Otology Study day 30
th April 2015 Broadway House London
Panel Discussion Moderator Otology Neurotology Professor M Kameshwaran, Prof G ODonoghue, Mr Richard Irving, Prof D Nunez.