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When the British Rhinology Society was formed in the 1990's I was a founder member. Since then I have contributed to numerous meetings. On a national level and local level I have contributed to guidelines for the management of the different rhinological problems. Of note was the description of a novel method of treating pathology in the anterior wall of the Maxillary Sinus using a septotomy. This technique was first demonstrated at an annual meeting of the BRS where it was described as a paradigm shift in the surgical treatment of sinus pathology. It was later published in the Journal of Laryngology and Otology and won the best paper prize for the year.
I have given many presentations on the medical and surgical management of Rhinological problems and have a special interest in the history of Nasal Neurosis and it's effect on Sigmond Freud's Theories.
Having operated on over 5000 noses and sinuses over the years I am able to advise patients of the problems, benefits and limitations of surgical treatments.